BER Certificates and Advisory Reports: Existing properties

As of 1st January 2009 any residential property be it a house, an apartment, a bungalow or even a holiday home offered for sale or to let needs a BER Certificate from the moment it is placed on the market.

Houses that score higher on the energy performance scale are more attractive for a potential purchaser as they are cheaper to run and can help you sell quickly and for a higher profit.

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A BER Certificate is calculated based on

 - Building dimensions
 - Materials used for construction of the dwelling
 - Thermal insulation of the building fabric
 - Ventilation characteristics of the dwelling and ventilation equipment
 - Efficiency and control of the heating system(s)
 - Solar gains through openings of the dwelling the fuel used to provide space and water heating
 - Ventilation and lighting
 - Renewable energy technologies.

Although the certificate itself will just show you the primary energy use per unit floor area per year (kWh/m/y represented on an A to G scale (see BER certificate); and associated Carbon Dioxide (CO ) emissions in kgCO /m /yr the report which accompanies the Cert will contain information which will enable you to cut your costs, save yourself money on bills and help to save the planet for the next generations.

The homeowner is under no obligation to follow the Advisory Report but it gives you an idea of what areas of the property are affecting the energy rating. 

Assessment procedure

You can email or phone us on 086 860 2895 to arrange an assessment.
We accommodate your requests as to the suitable times and dates.

An inspection normally takes about 30-60 minutes depending upon the size of the property. Our energy assessors will take a photograph of the property and a note of the factors which affect the rating.

Please ensure that the energy advisor has access to your attic, crawl space or any other hard to reach areas.

You will be asked to sign a homeowner release form permitting the advisor to take the photos, to release assessment data to SEI and to allow SEI to carry out quality assurance measures if need arises. A responsible person who can make household decisions should be there when the advisor does his or her assessment.

It takes about 48 hours to process the data collected during the inspection and once the BER Certificate is registered we post it back to you together with an Advisory Report.

In order to register the BER Certificate with SEI we would require the MPRN Number. This number can be found on top of your electricity bill. Please ensure that you can provide us with an electricity bill for the relevant property.

Your BER is valid for 10 years provided that no substantial works are carried out on the property within this period.

Energy Audits

We offer a further service for those who do not need a BER Certificate but wish to improve the energy efficiency of their home or those who are unhappy with the current rating. An Energy Audit will involve in-depth investigation of all elements of the dwelling, which affect the energy performance of the building, e.g. windows and doors, wall and roof insulation, water and space heating system(s), ventilation and lighting.

We will provide extensive recommendations on improving on the current and achieving the target rating taking into consideration the budget and all the circumstances.

As part of our energy audit service we can carry out Air Pressure Tests and Thermal Imaging which will show the areas of the building where the heat escapes. Having studied the building in detail, a schedule of potential energy saving solutions is compiled. Each solution is then analysed in detail to determine it’s suitability for the particular application.

Finally a report is compiled for our client, outlining the energy saving solutions most suited. With each solution we provide an initial investment cost for the supply and installation of the system, an estimated annually running cost, an estimated payback period when compared with a conventional system and an estimated annual maintenance and servicing cost. Please contact us to find out more about improving the energy rating of your property and see how much you can save!

We can also provide advice on the grants available for various renewable energy technologies and will assist you in completing the appropriate application form. We keep in regular contact with SEI (Sustainable Energy Ireland) regarding closing dates for applications for existing grants and schemes and opening dates for proposed future programs.

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