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Energy Rating of residential properties is carried out only by Energy Assessors that are registered to do so. There are two categories of residential energy assessments: energy ratings of new properties, which can be carried out off plans with a Final BER Cert issued on completion and energy rating of existing properties.

Max Energy Solutions is one of the most established and reputable energy rating companies in Ireland. Our BER assessor is fully qualified and registered to carry out Energy Ratings on both new and second hand properties.

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Our Experience

Max Energy Solutions assisted Sustainable Energy Ireland in educating the Estate Agents, Solicitors and Developers throughout Ireland in regard of Energy Rating, advising them of the changes in legislation, the new requirements set by the government and changes in the Building Regulations.

Max Energy Solutions has the experience to carry out you Energy Rating and provide Energy Efficiency Advice no matter how complex the design of your property is. We can ensure that the BER Cert is issued on time and there is no delay in your transactions. Working with us is nice and easy! 

We endeavour to provide top class service to our clients and are extremely competitive in our prices.

Whether it’s a BER Certificate for one-off house or a number or properties, talk to us and we would guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the quality and value for your money.

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